Building an App for the Microsoft Headset

Microsoft HoloLens Main PageUsing the Unity engine and several of the internet service providers in your area anyone can build an app for this device, and this is actually as cool as device itself. The Unity SDK allows users to place objects by defining distance and height from the device location in the direction it is currently facing. Once this is complete the object will be stationary and you can even walk around it and see it from any angle. The best example used at the conference were a series of balls hovering in the air. You could drop when by air clicking them and when they bounced they even sounded like bouncing balls. Voice commands could be used to reset the ball position.

The same balls could be moved to a table and roll around freely and even roll off on to the floor. If they came into contact with objects in the room they would stop or even get stuck on real furniture. This type of real world mapping may be the most interesting aspect of the HoloLens and could ultimately lead to increasingly more powerful apps.

This is due to the fact that the HoloLens passively scans the world around you via a constant series of background commands. Although the current world map is crude it is still amazingly accurate in terms of measurements. Future iterations can clean up the map because everything else is already mind blowing.

The level of accuracy, if not detail, to the world building aspect of the device is simply astounding. Although it can get confused as to exactly what an object should be, it knows exactly where it is and maps out its surfaces with amazing consistency.  Add to this the most realistic physics engine that has been seen by the general public and you have yourself one awesome new device with so many real world applications I’ll just leave it at “crap load of stuff”. The hardware may have the ability to compare internet providers built into it for a better user experience.

Email App Solves To Much Email Problem

ZeroMail App ArticleZero presents information card-style which gives immediate access to message summaries without clicking through various menus, and it is text only so you get just the information you need to make a decision on what to do with a given message. Although one would think this style would force the user to spend more time on each message this isn’t the case. Messages are consumed a great deal faster then moved to another folder immediately. Swiped messages are automatically archived. Users of cheap computers need not worry, this app is very well optimized.

From the initial feed you can move a message to another folder, tap it to keep it in the inbox, or reply to it directly despite the latency inherent in typical satellite internet connections. There are also easy to use buttons that let you view archived messages, folders, and then back to your inbox in a flash. Although email attachments are not presented in the default view, they are available to be clicked on and viewed within the app.

Hulu Has Seinfeld So Go Subscribe Now

Hulu Premium New LogoOther reseller deals are in place to help Hulu reach new customers. Cablevision has signed on to resell the streaming service to its existing customers and is even promoting several packages that bundle Hulu with their internet packages sans and TV subscription service. This type of bundle is new in the industry and a lot of executives are keeping a close eye on how well it will sell.

The deal will most certainly give Hulu access to AMCs content such as Sundace TV, IFC Films, AMC Network, BBC America, and IFC. This may also lead to Hulu becoming a desired partner to most internet providers by zip code for a powerful value add offering. If these are indeed a part of the deal then Hulu’s content it about to increase a truck load in a very short period of time. This is the type of deal that will knock people off the fences and even give Hulu a shot at competing with Netflix. Now if they will just sign a deal with Marvel to acquire TV rights to a few C-Grade superheroes we would be in business. I’d like to see 13 episodes on The Watcher or Moon Knight so get busy.