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Email App Solves Too Much Email Problem

Second Zero App LogoZero is a little addictive and when I return to my desktop inbox I miss the sleek social media style interface it offers. This app is going to take off, and although its target audience is heavy email mobile users it is likely other market segments are going to jump onboard.

From the initial feed you can move a message to another folder, tap it to keep it in the inbox, or reply to it directly. There are also easy to use buttons that let you view archived messages, folders, and then back to your inbox in a flash. Although email attachments are not presented in the default view, they are available to be clicked on and viewed within the app.

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Hulu Has Seinfeld So Go Subscribe Now

Second Hulu LogoAlthough a bit overshadowed by the Seinfeld deal Hulu also signed a deal with AMC Networks to beef up their content. This deal will include the hotly anticipated Walking Dead spinoff “Fear the Walking Dead”. Hulu stated that the content deal includes many other titles and original programming down the road but did not specify exactly what that would be.

Other reseller deals are in place to help Hulu reach new customers. Cablevision has signed on to resell the streaming service to its existing customers and is even promoting several packages that bundle Hulu with their internet packages sans and TV subscription service. This type of bundle is new in the industry and a lot of executives are keeping a close eye on how well it will sell.

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Building an App for the Microsoft Headset

The level of accuracy, if not detail, to the world building aspect of the device is simply astounding. Although it can get confused as to exactly what an object should be, it knows exactly where it is and maps out its surfaces with amazing consistency. Add to this the most realistic physics engine that has been seen by the general public and you have yourself one awesome new device with so many real world applications I’ll just leave it at “crap load of stuff”.

This is due to the fact that the HoloLens passively scans the world around you via a constant series of background commands. Although the current world map is crude it is still amazingly accurate in terms of measurements. Future iterations can clean up the map because everything else is already mind blowing.

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