Hulu Has Seinfeld So Go Subscribe Now

Hulu Plus Logo Main ArticleHulu just signed a deal that is reportedly valued at $180 million to stream “Seinfeld” via their online service. The deal is exclusive so if you want to watch the show you better sign up! Hulu also signed a deal with AMC to beef up its regular offerings as well as its original content. Seinfeld only aired 180 episodes so that’s about $1 million per show. I can see that for say the soup Nazi, but there were a few…The purchase will payout Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Time Warner, Sony TV and several other participants. Being that this is the first anyone will be seeing of the hit show on any streaming service Hulu has quite a promotion on its hands.

Hulu’s CEO Mike Hopkins announced the deal today along with the fact that the deal lasts several years and that Hulu subscribers will be able to see Seinfeld in June.

Hulu currently has around 9 million subscribers that it is acquired in the last seven years, but last year so an incredible 50% increase so most of the subs are brand new. By way of comparison Netflix boasts 60 million global users. Hulu is on the rise however and this new Seinfeld deal will most certainly help stimulate that. Streaming content is up 77% in the first quarter of 2015 with an amazing 700 million hours of content consumed. This year the average Hulu user is watching 30% more content than the previous year.

CEO Mike Hopkins said of the Seinfeld deal, “With additional marketing spend, bigger content acquisitions and a new slate of premium originals, the Hulu drumbeat will only continue to grow louder and louder.” He continued, “Every category of measurement including hours watched and hours streamed is up dramatically year over year.”

Other reseller deals are in place to help Hulu reach new customers. Cablevision has signed on to resell the streaming service to its existing customers and is even promoting several packages that bundle Hulu with their internet packages sans and TV subscription service. This type of bundle is new in the industry and a lot of executives are keeping a close eye on how well it will sell.

Although a bit overshadowed by the Seinfeld deal Hulu also signed a deal with AMC Networks to beef up their content. This deal will include the hotly anticipated Walking Dead spinoff “Fear the Walking Dead”. Hulu stated that the content deal includes many other titles and original programming down the road but did not specify exactly what that would be.

The deal will most certainly give Hulu access to AMCs content such as Sundace TV, IFC Films, AMC Network, BBC America, and IFC. If these are indeed a part of the deal then Hulu’s content it about to increase a truck load in a very short period of time. This is the type of deal that will knock people off the fences and even give Hulu a shot at competing with Netflix. Now if they will just sign a deal with Marvel to acquire TV rights to a few C-Grade superheroes we would be in business. I’d like to see 13 episodes on The Watcher or Moon Knight so get busy.